Cookie policy

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user's computer when visiting a website. They are very useful in enabling these sites to work more efficiently: for example, if a user selects their preferred language on the homepage, the website will remember this preference and the user can continue browsing the website in the selected language.

Cookies can be divided into first-party cookies and third-party cookies:

- First-party cookies: Created by the data controller operating the website, in this case SD EIBAR as the owner of the website

- Third-party cookies: Created by data controllers not operating the website visited by the user, i.e. third-party companies which are external to SD EIBAR.


The SD Eibar website uses the following cookies:

Cookie Purpose Cookie duration
(first-party cookie)
Used to identify the registered users of Expires at the end of the session.
Google Analytics
(third-party cookie)
Analysis of user profiles, measurement of data traffic. Google controls the expiration date of these cookies. They usually expire after a month.


SD EIBAR understands that during the course of the user's browsing of the website he/she has been informed and has previously given their consent for cookies to be installed on their computer.

In any event, the user may always customise the use of cookies, whilst also being able to prevent cookies from building up by modifying the user browser settings, the most common of which are:

- Mozilla Firefox: Options \ Privacy \ Tracing \ inform the websites not to be tracked.
- Google Chrome: Chrome Menu \ Settings \ Show Advanced Options \ Privacy \ Content Settings \ Cookies \ block cookies by default
- Safari: Preferences \ Privacy \ Block Cookies
- Internet Explorer : Tools \ Internet Options \ Privacy \ Settings \ move the slider to the top to block all cookies or completely down to allow all cookies and then click on OK.

Completely blocking cookies may prevent certain websites from displaying correctly.